Peabody on the Road

Outreach Program

Peabody on the Road is the Yale Peabody Museum’s award-winning community outreach service that brings a sampling of the Museum’s objects and specimens from its collections to your public event.

Peabody on the Road is not currently active. We encourage you to explore our Peabody@Home digital resources and our current online programs for adults. We look forward to seeing you when our in-person programming resumes.

Is your organization hosting an event open to the public? Is it within a 25-mile radius of the Peabody Museum? One of our Peabody on the Road kits can be a great addition to your event!

Request one of our themed kits and our volunteer interpreters will come to your event to engage visitors and answer questions about natural history, world cultures, and the Peabody Museum. Each kit contains more than 20 hands-on specimens and artifacts for children and adults to touch and explore.

Peabody on the Road Kits

The Original Natural History Kit

An overview of natural history told through specimens to touch and wonder about, including:

  • Touch a replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth.
  • Feel the texture of real black bear fur.
  • Compare the skulls of a deer, a black bear, and a beaver.
  • Look a tarantula in the eyes (you have 2, it has 8)!

Geology Kit—Rocks and Minerals

A look at geologic history through games and specimens that let you:

  • Experiment to see which rock can float.
  • Find out which mineral you use each day to brush your teeth.
  • Discover which rock makes your food taste better.
  • Compare a tree branch with petrified wood millions of years old.
  • Use a black light to discover natural fluorescence glowing in rocks!

Evolution Kit—Dinos to Birds

An exploration of the many connections between prehistoric dinosaurs and modern birds, such as:

  • Fossilized dinosaur eggshell fragments.
  • Nests of a hummingbird, an oriole, and a robin.
  • A fossilized dinosaur bone.
  • The structure of feathers.

Peabody on the Road is not a program or presentation. It is a community outreach service that provides information about the Peabody Museum, cultural artifacts, and natural history specimens at local public events. The Museum provides only the kit and the volunteer interpreters.

Request a Program

NOTE: Peabody on the Road is not currently active.

  • Events must be open to the public.
  • Event locations must be within a 25-mile radius of the Yale Peabody Museum.
  • Reservations for kits must be received at least 1 month before the date of your event.
  • Indicate whether you are flexible in your choice of kit and provide first and second choices.
  • We will confirm reservations once we have sufficient volunteers to staff the event.
  • Our volunteers will be at your event for only 2 to 3 hours. For all-day events, please specify your preferred block of time for the Peabody on the Road visit.
  • Your organization must provide Peabody on the Road volunteers with at least one 8-foot table and 2 chairs.
  • If your event is cancelled less than 1 week before your reserved date, you will need to contact our Peabody on the Road volunteers directly to notify them. Contact information is provided on the reservation confirmation we send to you.
  • Peabody on the Road does not participate in events where it would be the sole vendor or organization attending the event.
  • Peabody on the Road does not pay fees to appear at events.
  • Rain and inclement weather cancels Peabody on the Road’s participation in outdoor events.


Not yet! Once we receive your registration we need to check our schedule to see if the requested kit is available, and then find volunteers willing and able to staff the event. We will send you a confirmation form once we are sure we can be at your event!

Our programs go out to locations within a 25-mile radius of the Museum.

The event coordinator should fill out and submit the registration form as soon as possible in order to ensure adequate lead time for Peabody museum staff to find volunteers for the event. Please be aware you also need to provide at least one 8 foot table and two chairs. 

We are unable to take our program to individual classrooms. However, we can be present at a science night or other school program where the public is invited.

At this time, the Peabody on the Road program is only available for events which are open to the general public, i.e. community festivals or library events. Our Education Office is happy to schedule field trips to the Yale Peabody Museum for any school, camp, or scout group - please contact us! (Link below)

If one week or more before the event, please contact Elizabeth (link below).  Otherwise you must contact the volunteers directly (contact info will be on the confirmation form).  It is extremely important, especially on the day of the event, as the volunteer may not get proper notice to not arrive.