Native Peoples of Connecticut
Restored clay pot from the east bank of the Connecticut River (23.2 cm. high). YPM ANT 002884
Drawing of a biface stone tool

Grade Level: Elementary
Social Studies Standards:

  • HIST K.1; 1.1; 2.2; 3.2; 5.2: Compare life in the past to life today.
  • GEO K.4; 2.4: Explain how the environment affects people’s lives.
  • GEO 3.8; 4.7; 5.3: Explain how human settlements and movements relate to the locations and use of various natural resources.

Description: Using specimens and artifacts from the Yale Peabody Museum’s collections, this program will explore the evolving history and technology of the indigenous peoples living in Connecticut in the periods leading up to the arrival of European colonists in 1633.  The impacts of a changing landscape influenced by receding glaciers, warming temperatures and rising ocean levels will also be introduced.


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