Pick a Party

Choose one of our party themes below.  We’ll match fun, age-appropriate activities to your child’s favorite subject.  


Dinosaur Discovery 

If your child loves dinosaurs, this party is a great choice!  During a Dinosaur Discovery party, our party hosts will lead interactive games and activities, and showcase many of the museum’s incredible specimens, including bones, teeth, skulls, and even dinosaur poop! Kids will learn “what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur”, and “how did dinosaurs get their names?”  while having lots of fun sharing what they know and asking questions. Let us know in advance your child’s favorite dinosaur and it will be featured as Dinosaur of the Day with its own slide show! The Dinosaur Discovery party is sure to please your budding paleontologist!  BOOK THIS PARTY!



Wonders of Wildlife

If your child is crazy for animals and wildlife, our Wonders of Wildlife party is perfect!  Based on the Peabody Museum’s wildlife dioramas, this party includes interactive animal games, polls to learn about everyone’s favorite animal, and showcases many wildlife specimens including pelts, antlers, skulls and footprints. Learn about animals, the environments they live in, and what they like to eat. Let us know in advance your child’s favorite animal and it will be featured as Animal of the Day with its own slide show!  The Wonders of Wildlife is a great choice for young naturalists!   BOOK THIS PARTY!