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Choose from one of our party themes below.  We’ll match fun, age-appropriate activities to your child’s favorite subject.  Click on a theme below for a description of each party:



***Don’t forget about the Deluxe Options you can add to any party! We can even provide your Goody Bags.



Dinosaur Discovery 

If your child is crazy for dinosaurs, then this party is for you!  Dinosaur Discovery includes a sand dig with real fossilized shark's teeth, an introduction to dinosaurs using museum fossils and casts, and a dinosaur scavenger hunt in the Museum's Great Hall.  You can make it even more special with deluxe options.  Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Birthday Party Room.


***Suggested add-on items: 


Minerals Rock!

If your child loves geology, then this is the party for you!  Minerals Rock! includes a very special treasure dig featuring cool rocks and minerals, an introduction to rocks and minerals with specimens from the Museum's extensive collections, and a scavenger hunt through the Hall of Minerals, Earth & Space and the eye popping minerals  and gems in David Friend Hall.  Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Birthday Party Room.  You can also add deluxe options.


***Suggested deluxe add-on items: 


Wildlife Safari

If your child loves to learn about animals and the outdoors, then this is your party choice!  Wildlife Safari includes fun activities about trees, learning about local and exotic animals using lots of hands-on museum specimens like skulls, tracks, fur and feathers, and a scavenger hunt that will guide you through the dioramas and Connecticut Bird Hall on the Museum's 3rd floor.  Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Party Lab.


***Suggested deluxe add-on items: 


Ancient Egyptian Adventure

Ancient Egyptian civilization is fascinating for children and adults alike.  Our Ancient Egyptian Adventure includes fun activities with hieroglyphics and amulets, learning from museum specimens about life in Ancient Egypt and a special birthday scavenger hunt that will challenge you to find clues throughout the “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt” exhibit.  Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Birthday Party Room.


***Suggested deluxe add-on items: