Deluxe Options
Goody Bags
Dinosaur drawing at birthday party

These deluxe add-ons can be included in any party you choose!


Goody Bags ($5.00 per bag)

Let us take care of your goody bags! Goody bags will include a selection of fun toys such as: skeleton dinosaur, dinosaur airplane, squishy globe ball, stickers and pencils, dinosaur cup, and “grow a dino.”


Crack a Geode ($3.00 per geode)

What looks like a rock on the outside, but has crystals on the inside? A geode! Crack open your own geode and discover what crystals have formed inside over millions of years.


Deluxe Rocks & Minerals Dig ($5.00 per child)

Find some extra special items in your rocks and minerals dig, and identify what you find! Specimens may include amethyst, limestone, opal, red jasper, and more!