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Welcome to Peabody@Home, your hub for digital resources, educational tools, and interesting online curiosities of the Peabody Museum!

The Peabody is your neighborhood museum, changing the way you see the world. We encourage the curious and invite explorers of all ages to search our collections and engage with our programs. Our doors may be closed right now, but we’re opening windows into the many digital resources available here at the Peabody and across the internet.

We will be adding to Peabody@Home regularly and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to offer you and your family resources that entertain, inspire, and provide meaningful opportunities to discover more about the world we share.


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Natural History in your Neighborhood


Curious about Invertebrates?

  • Dendrites - Research stories from the Invertebrate Zoology Collection
  • IZ Stories - More research stories from IZ!
  • Virtual Microscopy - We supplied the specimens and the microscopes!
  • CreatureCasts and other videos from curator Casey Dunn
  • Invertebrate Beach Bingo - Headed to the beach? Play a round of invertebrate bingo with the creatures you encounter. Use these cards to ID all the animals you find and be the first to get a Beach Bingo!


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