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Caribbean Atlantic Research Island Biodiversity Studies (CARIBS), an informal group of scientists and students, is dedicated to conducting alpha-level taxonomic projects on Caribbean and Western Atlantic invertebrates. Our primary focus is on marine crustaceans, but we also have conducted surveys of freshwater invertebrates, land snails, and dragonflies.

Most of the specimens we use in our studies come from either the historical collections of the Yale Peabody Museum or new material currently being amassed; however, comparative material is being examined from other museum collections. A portion of the material we have collected is being deposited with those hosting countries that have expressed an interest in receiving identified material.



Guana Island is located just north of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Encompassing 850 acres, the island is primarily a wildlife sanctuary, although a small resort sits atop a ridge overlooking spectacular views of the Caribbean and surrounding islands. Numerous scientists have visited the island over the past 20 years, sponsored by the Falconwood Foundation in cooperation with the Conservation Agency of Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA.

Field studies on small crustaceans work began in 1996, when Eric A. Lazo-Wasem (Yale Peabody Museum) first visited to survey the intertidal and subtidal habitats. In 1998, Adam J. Baldinger (Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University) joined the program, expanding our work to include land snails and terrestrial crustaceans.

Our goal is to produce a series of taxonomic works, similiar to those we have published on Bermuda amphipod crustaceans, that will describe the various small crustaceans inhabiting Guana and Anegada Islands. Although our primary focus is amphipods, we are enlisting the aid of specialists in other areas to work up some of the other groups.


The following articles deal primarily with the taxonomy of amphipod crustaceans from Bermuda and the Caribbean region.

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