Yale Peabody Museum Summer Internships

Fossil Plant Collecting Expedition

Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

Advisor: Dr. Shusheng Hu with Prof. Jacques Gauthier


Length: 2 weeks in the summer


Project Description:

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History's Division of Paleobotany is delighted to announce an opportunity for Yale undergraduate students to collect fossil plants and possibly fossil vertebrates in Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. The tentative dates are May 23 through June 7, 2017, and the expedition will be supported by the Ginsburg Expedition Fund from Yale Peabody Museum. The student intern will have the chance to collect late Triassic (about 230 million years ago) fossil plant specimens and, if the material and the level of interest are sufficient, conduct research on these fossils under the supervision of Peabody staff and curators. The team camps out in the wilderness areas within the Park and hikes to the field sites. Applicants should have some outdoor experience – hiking and camping are a plus – as well as hiking boots, appropriate clothing and camping equipment, although extra camping equipment may be available. Tools and meals will be provided for the expedition.



Hotels during travel$200
Bus travel, food during travel to the Petrified Forest$100
NOTE: all food during field work will be covered 


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