Yale Peabody Museum Summer Internships

In The Footsteps of Addison Verrill:

Collecting Long Island Sound Invertebrates

Advisors: Dr. Leanne Elder with Eric Lazo-Wasem


Length: 8 weeks in the summer


Project Description:

Addison E. Verrill, Yale University's first Professor of Zoology and one of the original curators of the Peabody Museum, amassed a huge collection of invertebrates during his long career.  An indefatigable collector, Verrill discovered and described many new species from Long Island Sound, in particular from the New Haven area. Surprisingly, many of the species Verrill found (new or otherwise) have not been collected since; the only examples in the YPM Invertebrate Zoology collection date to the late 19th century.


The student intern will accompany Dr. Leanne Elder and Invertebrate Zoology staff into the field to collect a wide array of specimens from four principle localities: Savin Rock in West Haven, Lighthouse Point in New Haven, Outer Island in the Thimble Islands off Branford (site of Verrill summer home), and Noank, CT, where Verrill collected for the U.S. Fish Commission in 1874. Specimens of as many taxa as possible will be collected for live color photography in the Invertebrate Zoology laboratory, sorted and cataloged, and deposited in the division's collection. Sampling method will include quadrat survey, hand picking from diverse microhabitats, sampling plates, and a limited number of grab or trawl samples. The intern will work with Dr. Elder and Senior Collections Manager Eric Lazo-Wasem to make species identifications. This internship will provide a valuable learning experience in field collecting techniques, specimen curation, invertebrate zoology and marine invertebrate taxonomy.



Stipend for lodging, food, etc.$2500 

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