Yale Peabody Museum Summer Internships

Ethnography and Ethnobiology of the Philippines

Advisors: Roger Colten, Maureen White and Patricia Afable

roger.colten@yale.edu, maureen.daros@yale.edu

Length: 8 weeks in the summer, with the potential to continue into the fall


Project Description:

Harold Conklin was an extraordinary anthropologist whose extremely productive career included over 50 years at Yale, from 1962 through his passing in 2016. Professor Conklin’s research focused on several aspects of traditional Philippine cultures, including ethnology, ecology and linguistics, and he was also a prodigious collector. Many of his collections are not yet cataloged and integrated into the Peabody Museum’s Anthropology collections.


The major focus of this project is Professor Harold Conklin’s collections but could include work with other, related collections. The intern will assist with the integration of Professor Conklin’s Philippine ethnographic collections and documentation into the museum and develop a related research or exhibit project. The intern would assist with inventory and cataloging these collections and associated documents as well as audio and video material and would develop a related research project that could lead to a biography or research summary page on the YPM web site, or an exhibit design for the museum’s Curator’s Choice space or the museum’s web site.


The intern will work primarily with Peabody Anthropology Division Museum Assistant Maureen White and visiting Smithsonian Institution researcher Pat Afable, with time split between the main campus and Yale’s West Campus.



Stipend for lodging, food, etc.$2500


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