Become a Peabody Museum Docent

Would you like to volunteer to teach at the Museum?

Would you like to learn about dinosaurs and share your new knowledge with others?

Here’s what one of our Museum docents writes about his teaching experience at the Museum:


“Presenting the ‘Dinos’ program to various student groups is very rewarding. It allows me to maintain contact with the education system from which I have retired and…it provides the feeling that one still can contribute to the development of young inquiring minds and perhaps spark a fire within…those minds to seek out more education.”

Donald G. Mitchell, North Haven

Q: How will I learn about the exhibits and how to work with groups of visitors?

A: Docent classes are held once a year at the Peabody. This series of classes meets every October, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. for 4 weeks. Registration is required. This in-depth training focuses on our most requested exhibit—The Dinosaurs of the Great Hall. All docents begin with this training program, which includes teaching techniques that will help you lead informal education programs for school classes. Once docents have had this initial training, they can also be trained and begin teaching about other exhibits in the museum on an individual basis.


Q: Are there informal teaching opportunities at the Museum on weekends?

A: There are docent led tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:30 and 1:30 pm. These are our Highlights Tours. These 45 minute tours begin in the Museum’s lobby and take Museum visitors through the exhibition halls, stopping at a few of our most exciting and popular displays. Learn and teach others about the history behind the founding of the Yale Peabody Museum, O.C. Marsh’s expeditions to the American West, the eco-systems represented in our dioramas, the specimens in the new Mineralogy Collection and the Hall of Connecticut birds, and the significance of mummification during the Egyptian Old Kingdom. Click for information on training as a Highlights tour guide.


Q: Are there other opportunities to teach at the Museum?

A: West Campus Community Education Center:  There is also an opportunity at our West Campus Community Education Center for volunteers to assist with natural science programs or design and lead them. The center is located at the Peabody’s West Campus facility in West Haven, Connecticut.