Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Peabody Museum. Volunteers are vital to the success of the Museum’s many programs from behind the scenes to working directly with the public.  Simply put, we couldn’t do all we do without our volunteers!


Who Volunteers?

Peabody volunteers are a diverse group who come from every walk of life: college students, people with full or part-time jobs, partners, husband-and-wife-teams, and retirees to name a few.  If you have skills, background or interests to share, the Museum welcomes you to apply to our program.


What do volunteers do?

Volunteers provide support in all areas of the museum. Some volunteers engage the public through the Museum’s educational programs, special events, or community outreach, while others are behind the scenes supporting collections research and libraries, assisting in Museum administration, and in many other capacities. Most volunteers get involved in multiple areas.  Specialized knowledge can be helpful for placement, but is not required for all posts. Training is provided when necessary. Everyone at the Peabody, volunteers included, are here to support the Museum and its mission, and we all strive to provide the best possible experience for our visitors.


Can I be a docent or a tour guide?

The museum offers training for docents and tour guides through our docent training program, which also includes preparing volunteers to work as an explainer in the hands-on exhibit, the Discovery Room, or for Peabody on the Road, a public outreach program.


Can I assist behind the scenes?

Some volunteers who help behind the scenes come with specialized skills, but many do not. We always need help with data entry, filing, and other kinds of organizational tasks that are necessary for managing extensive collections and a busy administration. To work behind the scenes, you must be available between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday – Friday. 


How about evenings and weekends?  Volunteer opportunities are available at many varied times throughout the week, and also evenings and weekends. Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, you tell us when you are available and we try and find the best fit for your schedule.


How do I become a volunteer?

Minimum requirements for becoming a volunteer at the Museum include:


•  Must be an adult (age 18 or over)
•  Must complete an application and be available for an in-person interview
•  Must be able to successfully pass a background check
•  Willing and able to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours in an 8 to 12-month time frame
•  Acceptance into the volunteer program is contingent upon successful application and interview.


Contact Information

Email peabody.volunteers@yale.edu or call us at 203-432-3731 for more details


Mailing Address:


Volunteer Office

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

PO Box 208118

New Haven, CT 06520-8118


Please understand that the Museum always has more applications for positions than we are able to fill.