Other Resources for Teachers
Students completing mystery hunt in HoMES

On this page you will find a variety of resources to enhance your museum visit and extend the educational experience beyond the walls of the Museum!


Pre and Post Visit Activities & Lesson Plans - more coming soon!

This section includes activities and study guides that are meant for the classroom, either before or after a visit to the Museum.

Connecticut Landforms Wordsearch - Pre-visit vocabulary activity 

Notes on Ecological Principles Easily Seen in the Hall of Southern New England Natural History - for MS/HS Ecology studies



Activity Sheets

The following activity sheets are provided to direct and focus your self-guided visit to the Museum or to augment your program experience.  You are welcome to download, print and reproduce these.  Please bring your own pencils and clipboards.



Challenging Mystery Hunt for Spring/Summer 2019 - NEW!!

3rd floor Moderate Mystery Hunt



Great Hall Riddles  - NEW!!

Wildlife Mystery Hunt 

Adaptations Camouflage Activity Hunt 

Rocks & Minerals Scavenger Hunt

Habitats & Food Webs Diorama Search

Ancient Egypt Scavenger Hunt

Dinosaur Hunt (K-2)