Ornament Apatosaurus
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This inside-painted hand-blown glass piece continues an ancient art technique prized by collectors. The artist, using a variety of miniature curved- and bent-handled brushes, painstakingly paints every minute detail on the inside of the glass through the opening at the top. The design is outlined, and each color is applied. The entire process for each ornament takes about two days. No two pieces are alike.

The scene on this ornament showcases Apatosaurus from the Jurassic segment in Rudolph Zallinger’s famous dinosaur mural The Age of Reptiles, which overlooks the Great Hall in the Yale Peabody Museum.

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This hand-painted ornament is sure to become a treasured heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation—just the thing to put in your favorite dinosaur lover’s stocking. Comes in a special storage box.