A Guide to The Age of Mammals Mural 2nd Edition
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By John H. Ostrom, Leo J. Hickey, David M. Schankler, Bruce H. Tiffney and Scott L. Wing

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This small volume summarizes evolutionary history as depicted in Rudolph Zallinger’s The Age of Mammals mural, the centerpiece of the Peabody Museum’s Hall of Mammalian Evolution. The mural encompasses almost 65 million years of evolution, starting shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs and culminating with the giant animals of the Ice Age, almost 15,000 years ago. It comes complete with a foldout black-and-white reproduction of the mural, and is a companion to the full-color poster (sold separately).


Paperback. 42 pp., plus foldout. 8” x 5.5”
Item 0912532300