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The Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural Historypublishes peer reviewed contributions on original research in the natural sciences based on the collections of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University, covering diverse topics that include evolution, phylogeny, taxonomy, systematics, biology, botany, zoology, invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology and paleoecology, paleobotany, and archaeology.

In publication since 1925 and originally a monograph series, the Bulletin incorporated both the Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collections,which ceased independent publication with Volume 19, Article 2 (1967). Beginning with Volume 47, Bulletin incorporated the short papers of the Postilla series, which ceased publication with Number 232 (2004).

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Bulletin 1
Addresses Delivered on the Occasion of the Dedication of the New Museum Building, 29 December 1925
Dana, E.S., J.R. Angell, C. Schuchert and H.F. Osborn. 1926. 38 pp.

Bulletin 2
The Osteology of Eporeodon socialis Marsh
Thorpe, M.R. 1931. 43 pp.

Bulletin 3
Hybrid Ducks Including Descriptions of Two Crosses of Bucephala and Lophodytes
Ball, S.C. 1934. 26 pp.

Bulletin 4
Miocene Marine Mammals from the Bakersfield Region, California
Wilson, L. E. 1935. 143 pp.

Bulletin 5
Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Brownsport Formation (Silurian) of Western Tennessee
Amsden, W. 1949. 138 pp.

Bulletin 6
Stratigraphy of the Garden City Formation in Northwestern Utah, and Its Trilobite Faunas
Ross, R., Jr. 1951. 161 pp.

Bulletin 7
Fall Bird Migration on the Gaspe Peninsula
Ball, S. C. 1952. 211 pp.

Bulletin 8
The Morphology and Taxonomy of the Halysitidae
Buehler, E. J. 1955. 79 pp.

Bulletin 9
The ornithogeography of the Yucatan peninsula
Paynter, R. A., Jr. 1955. 347 pp.

Bulletin 10
Revision of the Gymnarthridae? American Permian Microsaurs
Gregory, J. T., F. E. Peabody and L. I. Price. 1956. 77 pp.

Bulletin 11
Spirifer disjunctus: Its Evolution and Paleoecology in the Catskill Delta
Greiner, H. 1957. 103 pp.

Bulletin 12
Natural History of the Marine Sponges of Southern New England
Hartman, W. D. 1958. 181 pp.

Bulletin 13
Notes on a Collection of Birds from Mindoro Island, Philippines
Ripley, S. D. and D. S. Rabor. 1958. 81 pp.

Bulletin 14
Revision of the Uintatheres
Wheeler, W. H. 1961. 121 pp.

Bulletin 15
Stratigraphy and Micropaleontology of the Thermopolis Shale
Eisher. D. L. 1960. 139 pp.

Bulletin 16
Upper Devonian Pelecypods of the New York Chemung Stage
McAlester, A. L. 1962. 155 pp.

Bulletin 17
Origin and Early Evolution of North American Tapiroidea
Radinsky, L. 1963. 106 pp.

Bulletin 18
Fusulinidae of the Hueco Group (Lower Permian), Hueco Mountains, Texas
Williams, T. E. 1963. 122 pp.

Bulletin 19
A Systematic and Ecological Study of Birds of New Guinea
Ripley, S. D. 1964. 87 pp

Bulletin 20
A Systematic Study of the Demospongiae of Port Royal, Jamaica
Hechtel, G. J. 1965. 103 pp.

Bulletin 21
Fossil Mammalia of the Huerfano Formation, Eocene, of Colorado
Robinson, P. 1966. 95 pp.

Bulletin 22
Shell Structure of Patelloid and Bellerophontoid Gastropods (Mollusca)
MacClintock, C. 1967. 140 pp.

Bulletin 23
Systematics and Morphology of American Mosasaurs
Russell, D.A. 1967. 237 pp.

Bulletin 24
Comparative Feeding Ecology of Sea Birds of a Tropical Oceanic Island
Ashmole, N.P. and M.J. Ashmole. 1967. 131 pp.

Bulletin 25
The Structure and Function of Sponge Cells: New Criteria for the Taxonomy of Poecilosclerid Sponges (Demospongiae)
Simpson, T.L. 1968. 141 pp.

Bulletin 26
Pelagic Ostracods of the Sargasso Sea Off Bermuda: Description of Species, Seasonal and Vertical Distribution
Deevey, G.B. 1968. 125 pp.

Bulletin 27
The Type Fox Hills Formation, Cretaceous (Maestrichtian), South Dakota
Waage, K.M. 1968. 175 pp.

Bulletin 28
Early Cenozoic Mammalian Faunas, Fayum Province, Egypt
Simons, E.L. and A.E. Wood. 1968. 105 pp.

Bulletin 29
A Revision of the Moths of the Subfamily Geometrinae of America North of Mexico (Insecta, Lepidoptera)
Ferguson, D.C. 1969. 251 pp.

Bulletin 30
Osteology of Deinonychus antirrhopus, an Unusual Theropod from the Lower Cretaceous of Montana
Ostrom, J.H. 1969. 165 pp.

Bulletin 31
Tertiary Pongidae of East Africa: Evolutionary Relationships and Taxonomy
Pilbeam, D.R. 1970. 185 pp.

Bulletin 32
A Comparative Study of the Egg-White Proteins of Passerine Birds
Sibley, C.G. 1970. 131 pp.

Bulletin 33
The Type Fox Hills Formation, Cretaceous (Maestrichtian), South Dakota Part 2: Systematics of the Bivalvia
Speden, I.G. 1970. 222 pp.

Bulletin 34
Upper Ordovician Ecology of the Central Appalachians
Bretsky, P.W., Jr. 1970. 150 pp.

Bulletin 35
Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Cloverly Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of the Bighorn Basin Area, Wyoming and Montana
Ostrom, J.H. 1970. 234 pp.

Bulletin 36
The Postcranial Skeleton of African Cynodonts
Jenkins, F.A., Jr. 1971. 216 pp.

Bulletin 37
The Morphology of the Syrinx in Passerine Birds
Ames, P.L. 1971. 194 pp.

Bulletin 38
The Structure and Relationships of the Primitive Devonian Lungfish Dipnorhynchus sussmilchi (Etheridge)
Campbell, K.S.W. 1971. 109 pp.

Bulletin 39
A Comparative Study of the Egg White Proteins of Non-Passerine Birds
Sibley, C.G. and J.E. Ahlquist. 1972. 276 pp.

Bulletin 40
On the Biology of Cosmine
Thomson, K.S. 1975. 59 pp.

Bulletin 41
Ecology and Evolution of the Gastrochaenacea (Mollusca, Bivalvia) With Notes on the Evolution of the Endolithic Habitat
Carter, J.G. 1978. 92 pp.

Bulletin 42
Systematics, Functional Morphology and Macroevolution of the Extinct Mammalian Order Taeniodonta
Schoch, R M. 1986. 320 pp.

Bulletin 43
Toward the Phylogeny of a Fossil Species Flock: Semionotid Fishes from a Lake Deposit in the Early Jurassic Towaco Formation, Newark Basin
McCune, A.R. 1987. 116 pp.

Bulletin 44
Anatomy and Relationships of Corosaurus Alcovensis (Diapsida: Sauropterygia) and the Triassic Alcova Limestone of Wyoming
Storrs, G.W. 1991. 151 pp.

Bulletin 45
Systematic Revision of the Olenelloidea (Trilobita, Cambrian)
Lieberman, B.S. 1999. 150 pp.

Bulletin 46
A Revision of Parhyalella Kunkel (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Gammaridea)
Lazo-Wasem, E.A. and M.F. Gable. 2001. 80 pp.