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Treasures of Yale: The Moa, Dinosaurs, and Evolution

Yale Peabody Museum's Curator of Paleontology Jacques Gauthier traces the evolution of dinosaurs and birds by looking at Sir Richard Owen's 1839 discovery of New Zealand's giant Moa, a flightless bird whose existence Owen deduced from examining a single bone.



Q&A with Carl Zimmer at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Carl Zimmer answers questions submitted by users to the Yale University tumblr account.


Are Torosaurus and Triceratops the same dinosaur: smackdown at the Peabody

Standing outdoors on a 13-foot-high granite platform, a 7,350-pound bronze of a horned dinosaur, Torosauruslatus welcomes visitors to the museum.

Montana State University paleontologist Jack Horner and Yale Institute for Biospherics postdoctoral fellow Nick Longrich debate the question: "Is Torosaurus a distinct dinosaur species or just an adult Triceratops?"




Natural history collections leap into the digital age

This film, produced by the Office of Public Affairs at Yale, features our senior collections manager Chris Norris discussing the role of social networking in musuem collections.


Natural history collections leap into the digital age


A living museum: Unpacking history at the Peabody

This film, produced by the Office of Public Affairs at Yale, describes the amazing work that goes on behind-the-scenes at the Peabody. Recent storage and digitization initiatives have transformed and promoted the use of the 12.5 million objects that form the Museum’s world-renowned collections.


Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History: A Living Museum





Darwin: 150 Years of Evolutionary Thinking:

These two films were developed for the Museum’s temporary exhibit to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin of Species, and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, The first focuses on Darwin’s relationships with Yale, its professors and collections, and the second on current research that is a direct legacy of Darwin’s discoveries.


Darwin's Revolution comes to America:


Darwin's Legacy Today:



 A Diorama Takes Shape

In 2010 the Museum was given a diorama painting by the world-famous diorama artist James Perry Wilson that is now on display in the Museum’s Hall of Connecticut Birds. This film focuses on the work of Museum preparator Michael Anderson and describes how he built a new foreground for this painting.


Invisible Art: A Diorama Takes Shape



Solving the Puzzle

The Lyme Disease Vaccine explores the development of the Lymerix vaccine during the mid-1990s. The film features two clinical researchers from the Yale School of Medicine: Linda Bockenstedt, MD and Janine Evans, MD.  These investigators discuss the vaccine clinical trials process at Yale from 1994-97 and the eventual removal of Lymerix from the market in 2002.


The Lyme Disease Vaccine



Travels in the Great Tree of Life

All living things are genetically related and this relatedness can be expressed as an immense evolutionary Tree of Life. The first film explores how scientists are approaching the monumental task to describe the entire Tree of Life, and the second looks at the many ways that this research is contributing to great challenges of the 21st century including medicine, agriculture and conservation.


Discovering the Great Tree of Life


Why Study the Tree of Life?



The Age of Repitles Mural

This six-minute film from the Yale Peabody Museum's Great Hall of Dinosaurs tells the story of the making of The Age of Reptiles mural from the initial vision for this world-famous painting to its publication in Life Magazine. Narrated by Museum educator Armand Morgan.


Creating the Mural: Rudolph Zallinger's Masterpiece "The Age of Reptiles"




 Poison Dart Frogs


Blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates azureus) sounds



Golden poison dart frog (Phyllobates bicolor) sounds






West Campus Education Videos


Introduction to West Campus















Yale Peabody Museum Audio Tour


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The Plants and Animals in The Age of Reptiles Mural

An Introduction to the Origin and Evolution of Prehistoric Life on Land:
The Devonian Period

Running time: 29 minutes | 26.7MB MP3 audio file


An Explosion of Land Plant and Animal Diversity:
The Carboniferous and Permian Periods

Running time: 27 minutes | 24.4MB MP3 audio file


The Rise, Proliferation and Extinction of the Non-avian Dinosaurs:
The Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods

Running time: 40 minutes | 36.7MB MP3 audio file