Temporary Exhibits
Petrified conifer trunk
Petrified conifer trunk

From Billions to Zero: An Anniversary of Extinction

Less than 150 years ago, the daytime skies of North America frequently turned dark, as incredible flocks of thousands—even millions—of passenger pigeons filled the skies. Click here to read more...


Mightier than the Sword: The Allure, Beauty and Enduring Power of Beads

The meanings of beads cut across cultures and time; they force us to acknowledge our common humanity. Click here to read more....

Now on view within the Department of Anthropology at 51 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven


Connecticut's Petrified Forest

In 1828 a woodsman discovered what was only the second-known fossil plant locality in the entire United States, and what is still the only petrified wood site in New England from the age of dinosaurs. Click here to read more...