Object Study Gallery

Teaching with the Collection

From the bones of massive dinosaurs to art and cultural artifacts from across the globe, the collections of the Yale Peabody Museum and like institutions are the foundation for our understanding of the world. Spanning many disciplines, the objects in this gallery have been selected by Yale University faculty to support courses in a broad range of subjects. Chosen for their relevance to course assignments and activities, these specimens and artifacts from the Museum’s encyclopedic collections provide students with an opportunity to learn directly from the objects.


Each semester-long installation offers a glimpse of one of the many ways the Museum’s collections are integrated into the intellectual life of the University. This study gallery is an important part of the Peabody’s effort to provide opportunities to teach with real objects and specimens, experiment with curatorial approaches, and spark interdisciplinary dialog across the University.


The objects on view here have been selected for the following Yale University courses by faculty in the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale School of Art, and the departments of Anthropology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and History.


Fall Semester 2017


Color Practice (ART 116)

Anna Betbeze


Climate and Society (ER&M 392 / EVST 422A / ANT 409a / F&ES 422a)

Society and Environment: Introduction to Theory and Method (F&ES 520a / ANTH 581a)

Michael Dove


Tokyo (HIST 030)

Fabian Drixler


Mammalogy (ANTH 310/810 / E&EB 280)

Eric Sargis


Archaeological Ceramics (ANTH/ARCG 385a/785a)

Anne Underhill


Biology of Terrestrial Arthropods (E&EB 250/251L)

Marta Wells