The Quinnipiac River Bottled

by artist Fritz Horstman
in conjunction with the Yale Peabody Museum

April 22, 2013 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Beinecke Plaza, Yale University


As part of Yale’s Celebrate Sustainability week, the Peabody has invited local artist Fritz Horstman to present an interactive exhibit on sustainability. Horstman’s exhibit, The Quinnipiac River Bottled, draws attention to the availability of resources and our proximity to the Quinnipiac River. Fritz will create a 100 foot long geographically accurate representation of the channel of the Quinnipiac River, from the headwaters to Long Island Sound, in the Hewitt Quadrangle, the granite lined courtyard between Beinecke Library and Woolsey Hall (also called Beinecke Plaza).


You are invited to participate. Please bring empty plastic water bottles, or fill one of the used bottles provided. Quinnipiac River water will be stored in large cisterns, from which you can fill your bottles, and add them to the sculpture. Over the course of the day we will fill a one hundred foot model of the Quinnipiac River with these bottles, reminding us of the natural water cycle, the nearby—but oft neglected—river, and the ubiquity of disposable plastic products in our lives. The result will be a poetic rendition of the river in water and light.


Fritz Horstman lives and works in Bethany, CT. His drawings, photographs, videos, sculptures, installations, sound projects, collaborations, and performances focus on the seam where humans separate themselves from nature. Fritz teaches drawing at Albertus Magnus College and is the Artist Residency and Facilities Manager at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.


Celebrate Sustainability is a week-long series of events on the Yale campus that brings attention to the many ways sustainability appears within our community. The 2013 theme for the week will focus on Sustainability Leadership, and will take place April 21-27.


This project is supported by the Yale Peabody Museum, South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority, and The Garden Club of New Haven.