Natures Narrators: The 2017-18 John H. Ostrom Program Series

Ten Things You Probably Don't Know About Viruses!

With Marilyn Roosinck

Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Yale Peabody Museum

Free admission

Book signing to follow

Viruses are everywhere: in our food, in water, in the soil, in us! The hundreds of viruses we encounter every day rarely cause us any harm. In fact, they can be essential for the lives of their hosts and are incorporated into our genomes in massive numbers. Join Marilyn Roossinck for an introduction to the amazing life of viruses, their simplicity and complexity, their ability to strike fear, and their sheer beauty. You'll have a new perspective on viruses that is rarely told, and be enlightened on why viruses are often not something to fear, but to admire.