Nature’s Narrators: The 2017 John H. Ostrom Program Series

Rachel Carson and Her Legacy for Today

With Dr. Robert K. Musil

Faculty Fellow, School of International Science

American University


Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Yale Peabody Museum

Free admission and parking

Book signing to follow

Rachel Carson— best-known for Silent Spring, her 1962 classic exposé of pesticides and their harmful effects on birds and humans—was also aware of and concerned about global climate change, nuclear weapons and waste, and the horrors of industrial-style production of cattle, pigs and poultry.  Dr. Musil's talk will describe how Carson’s environmental ethic was shaped, including by Yale professors, and its relevance for today’s critical issues.


Dr. Robert K. Musil is a Yale alumnus, president of the Rachel Carson Council, and former head of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Physicians for Social Responsibility.