A Night at the Peabody Museum Schedule

Schedule of Events

1st Floor


The Great Hall of Dinosaurs

Scavenger Hunt


Live birds with Fur, Feathers & Beyond

Dinosaur to Birds Kit

Hall of Mammalian Evolution

Fossil Dig

Mammal SciCart


Fossil Fragments:
The Riddle of Human Origins
Anthropology Kit: How Cultures Carry Things
Pacific CulturesMystery Specimen Corner
Hall of Native American Cultures
Craft Activity
Across the Museum

Behind­the­scenes tours sign-up and meeting area (ages 8 and older); tours begin at 6:30; space is very limited


2nd Floor

Discovery RoomSee our fantastic leaf-cutter ant colony, poison dart frogs and more!

3rd Floor

North American Dioramas

North American Diorama SciCarts


Birds of Connecticut

Live hawks and owls with Horizon Wings

Birds SciCart

Craft Activity

Southern New England Dioramas
Live animals with Curious Creatures (starts at 6:30)
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt           
Egypt SciCart

Watch out! You never know who (or what) might be awake and wandering around the Museum.