Andrew Hill in the desert near Abu Dhabi. Photo by Faysal Bibi

Human Evolution and Climate

with Andrew Hill

Friday, September 27 at 12:30pm

Free Admission


This lecture is being held in conjunction with the Yale Family Weekend, but it is open to the general public.


Andrew Hill is the J. Clayton Stephenson Professor of Anthropology, and Curator and Head of the Division of Anthropology in the Yale Peabody Museum. Professor Hill is interested in the whole range of human evolution, particularly in the environmental and ecological context in which it occurred. Since 1968 he has carried out field work in eastern Africa, in Pakistan, and in the United Arab Emirates. For many years he has directed the Baringo Paleontological Research Project, a multidisciplinary research program operating in the Tugen Hills, Kenya, and this ongoing work was the topic of a special double issue of the Journal of Human Evolution in 2002.