Yale Peabody Museum Gallery Talk
Credit: USFWS

Secrets of the Leatherback Sea Turtle

Greg Watkins-Colwell

Collections Manager

Yale Peabody Museum Division of Vertebrate Zoology


Thursday, December 13 at 4:00 pm

Great Hall, Yale Peabody Museum


The leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is the largest of all living turtles. As the name indicates, the shell is unlike all other sea turtles in that it has a leathery surface. It is also one of the deepest-diving air-breathing marine animals – individuals have been recorded at depths of over three-quarters of a mile. Leatherbacks live and migrate throughout the world’s oceans, and while they are considered “vulnerable” by IUCN standards, many local populations are critically endangered.


Greg Watkins-Colwell will discuss the leatherback’s unusual diet, including a unique set of adaptations for ensuring prey doesn’t escape once it’s caught, and will also show specimens of eggs and hatchlings from the collections.


Refreshments to follow. Free admission.