Echoes of Egypt Lecture Series
Dr. Fathi Saleh filming a BBC documentary near the pyramids at Giza
a portion of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus

The Egyptian Heritage in the Digital Age

With Dr. Fathi Saleh, Professor of Computer Engineering at Cairo University, Founder and Emeritus Director of CULTNAT

Saturday, April 13 at 5:30 pm

Reception to follow


The ancient Egyptian civilization is based on three pillars: Scientific Knowledge, Economic Wealth, and Social Values. That is why, within a couple of hundred years from its beginning, five thousand years ago, Pharaohs were able to build pyramids involving deep knowledge in Astronomy, Geometry, Physics, Mechanics as well as Power of Management.


Telecommunications and information technology have not only provided tools for the documentation, preservation and management of cultural heritage, but have also created a sense of closeness between people from various backgrounds, and a feeling of living in a global village where easy access to one’s own heritage and that of one’s neighbors thousands of miles away is possible. We are living now in the twenty-first century, at the height of the new era of Information Technology. Behind us, we have a rich, inherited, human culture that goes back over five millennia. With the technologies we have in our hands today, we can really preserve this heritage of the past and showcase it to future generations in an unprecedented way.


In our Echoes of Egypt: Conjuring the Land of the Pharaohs lecture series, prominent experts discuss their research and unique perspectives on themes in the exhibition. Join us for Part I of the series in April; Part II will take place during the fall semester.