BioBlitz in Stratford, Connecticut, October 2010

For 24 hours on Oct 8– Oct 9, 2010, the Yale Peabody Museum joins forces with The Connecticut Audubon Society and Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo for a “BioBlitz” of Stratford, Connecticut.


What is a BioBlitz?
A BioBlitz is when a group of scientists come together and try to count every species that lives in a town or park as fast as they can. Usually they have to find, identify and count everything within 24 hours.

What is the Stratford BioBlitz?
The BioBlitz of Stratford is special because it is done several times so that the scientists see what lives there in each of the four seasons. The same places are visited each season to look for differences.

Who sponsors the Stratford BioBlitz?
Many organizations are involved with the Stratford BioBlitz, but it is co-hosted by Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, The Connecticut Audubon Society and Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo.

When is the Stratford BioBlitz?
The final BioBlitz of Stratford is 8 & 9 October 2010.

Where is the Stratford BioBlitz?
Stratford BioBlitz occurs throughout the town of Stratford, CT but with Home Base and most public events held at Stratford Point. Stratford Point is located at 1207 Prospect Drive, Stratford, Connecticut.


What can the public do?
The public is invited to specific events on Saturday 9 October 2010. An "open house" of the make-shift lab will be held at Stratford Point and several "meet a scientist" events will take place throughout the town of Stratford on Saturday.

Where can I read more about the Stratford BioBlitz?
Data from the BioBlitz (and previous blitzes) can be seen here.


Saturday Schedule:
9:00-10:00 Bird Walk Stratford Point
10:00-11:00 Butterflies/insects Stratford Point
10:00-3:00 "Lab open house" Stratford Point
3:00 Closing Ceremony Stratford Point


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For information on the next Yale Peabody Museum BioBlitz contact:

Gregory Watkins-Colwell
Division of Vertebrate Zoology

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