Museum Tours

Tour of the Day

Join us for a Tour of the Day! These themed tours focus on specific Yale Peabody Museum exhibitions and are offered occasionally on weekends. Tours are led by enthusiastic Yale graduate students and other knowledgeable volunteers. You’ll learn fascinating information about familiar Peabody specimens.


Free with regular admission. Meet in the Peabody lobby.


Upcoming Schedule:  Spring 2019

Saturday, 3/22:30 pmEvolution and Extinction
Saturday, 3/92:30 pmHollywood Dinosaurs
Saturday, 3/16 2:30 pmPeabody's Dioramas
Saturday, 4/62:30 pmHollywood Dinosaurs
Saturday, 4/202:30 pmEvolution and Extinction
 3:00 pmPeabody's Dioramas


Tour Themes


Evolution and Extinction

Evolution, adaptation and extinction are not just for textbooks and classrooms! Here at the Yale Peabody Museum, we have a multitude of fascinating fossils that reveal these concepts—no scientific background required! Open to all ages. Your tour guide Dan Thoreson is a third-year molecular biology doctoral student studying how the cells in our bodies respond to viral infections. When he’s not in the lab studying viruses, he is sharing his excitement for science with our visitors.


The Peabody Dioramas

Hannah Weinberg-Wolf is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in Yale’s Department of Psychology, where she spends her days figuring out how monkeys think about each other. With a master’s degree in museum studies and a love of natural history museums (especially the Peabody!), Hannah would love to show you around the Museum’s magnificent world-famous dioramas. In about 30 minutes you will learn why they are unique and a lot about what makes the animals and landscapes in them so special.


Hollywood Dinosaurs

Visit the real dinosaurs featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies! The Peabody is home to the original fossils of pop culture’s most famous prehistoric reptiles. Could a Tyrannosaurus rex really chase down a speeding truck? Can scientists extract dinosaur DNA from amber? Learn the science and debunk the myths in your favorite blockbusters. A life-long visitor to the Peabody, your tour guide Ryan Timpe has been a volunteer here since 2014. He leads weekend tours and helps at some of the Museum’s biggest events. Ask him about his favorite exhibit!