Senior Highlights Tours

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History is pleased to announce Highlights Tours exclusively for seniors!

Tours are 45 minutes long and open only to senior citizens. The cost is $25 for the tour plus $4 per person discounted Museum admission. For groups of 5 or more (up to 25 per tour).


Tour topics:

Windows in Time: Connecticut Dioramas

Visit the exquisitely created Forest Margin, Coastal Region and Cold Bog dioramas and experience, up close, the rich habitats right in our backyard. Participants in this tour will learn about different areas of Connecticut and the animals and plants that call them home.



This tour of the Great Hall includes stops at The Age of Reptiles mural, one of the largest natural history murals in the world, and at the Brontosaurus skeleton, one of the most complete dinosaur skeletons of its kind. Visitors will also see many other fossil skeletons, including other dinosaurs and ancient marine animals.


Peabody Highlights

This tour takes you through the best the Peabody has to offer. You'll first stop in the Great Hall to visit The Age of Reptiles mural and the Brontosaurus skeleton, and then go on to the Hall of Mammals, the Hall of Minerals, Earth and Space, and finish your journey in our Daily Life in Ancient Egypt exhibition.


Spotlight on Connecticut at the Peabody

This Connecticut Highlights Tour includes stops throughout the Museum. Learn about the many objects and specimens on display in the Peabody that were collected right here in Connecticut, including more than 700 birds in the Birds of Connecticut Hall


Minerals & Meteorites

Come visit one of the newest exhibits at the Yale Peabody Museum: the Hall of Minerals, Earth and Space. Featured are the Museum's meteorite collection, Connecticut rocks and minerals, and a fulgurite—the preserved trail of a lightning bolt through the ground.


Schedule a Tour

Tours are available by reservation on most Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Please contact the Yale Peabody Museum at (203) 432-3775 or and make sure to ask for the Senior Highlights Tours.  

The Yale Peabody Museum cannot provide transportation and does not have a cafeteria, but there are many restaurants in the area.