North American Wildlife and Ecology
Shortgrass Plains diorama shows American bison (Bison bison)
Shortgrass Plains diorama shows American bison (Bison bison) collected in Wyoming in 1886 by Buffalo Bill Cody. Background painting by Francis Lee Jaques; foreground by David H. Parsons

Grade Level: Grades 3 through high school
Science Content Standards: 3.2; 4.2; 5.2; 6.2; 8.2
High School Enrichment Content Standards: Ecology

Language Arts Content Standards: 1.2

Description: The Yale Peabody Museum's eight North American dioramas represent habitat regions throughout North America, including the tundra, high mesa, rainforest, grasslands, desert and marsh. Each diorama highlights the variety of animal and plant life in these specific natural regions. Teachers are invited to choose areas that fit their curriculum. Viewing the representations of each provides the basis for a thoughtful discussion about the biodiversity, history, differences and similarities of each of these areas. Students will have the opportunity to touch an Arctic musk ox specimen and consider its various evolutionary adaptations, as well as adaptations of other animals and plants represented in the dioramas.

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