Landforms: The Shape of Connecticut's Landscape

Grade Level: Grades 2 through 8
Science Content Standard: 7.3
Language Arts Content Standard: 1.2

Grade Level: High School
High School Earth Science Content Standard:
Dynamic Earth Processes
Language Arts Content Standard: 1.2

Description: Connecticut is an amazing location for the investigation of the evidence for both the movement of Earth's crust and glaciation.


Using hands-on specimens and a seismic monitor that keeps track of new quakes hourly, we bring the concept of a dynamic earth to life.

Photo/Image (left): A relic of the last North American Ice Age glacier that covered Connecticut about 20,000 years ago, this pothole a scoured out circular cavity formed by turbulent floodwaters laden with sand and pebbles that attack the bedrock was found in Fair Haven Heights in New Haven in the 1890s. (Yale Peabody Museum Archives)