Introduction to Evolution

Grade Level: Middle and High School
Science Content Standard: 10.5
High School Biology Enrichment Standard: Evolution
Social Studies Standard: 10
Language Arts Content Standards: 1.2; 1.4

Description: Outstanding exhibits of fossils of prehistoric animals and plants are used to illustrate the pattern of life throughout earth's existence and the current theories of the mechanisms of biological change that are evolution. These specimens provide evidence for the theory of evolution through natural selection and genetic mutation. An exciting area of study, evolution has been researched here for more than 100 years and many of the Yale Peabody Museum’s exhibits were produced to promote the understanding of evolution. This program will focus on vertebrate animals including current research on the close relationship between birds and dinosaurs, horse evolution, mass extinctions and a brief look at human origins.

Photo/Image (left): A reconstruction of Archaeopteryx lithographica and the Berlin specimen, found near Solnhofen, Germany, that inspired it. Painting by S. P. Glaser (Hartman); photograph by John H. Ostrom.