Sci.CORPS and Evolutions Lab Internship (ELI) Program

In 2008 we kicked off SciCORPS, the Science Career Orientation & Readiness Program for Students. Through Sci.CORPS, students are provided a hierarchy of volunteer and paid opportunities at the Peabody Museum. After spending one academic year in the EVOLUTONS After School Program, students become eligible to enter SciCORPS as Museum Apprentices. As Museum Apprentices, students are required to volunteer at least 75 hours and complete a series of assessments before they are eligible to move to the next level.  Students graduating to the Museum Interpreter level are trained to interpret museum exhibits and start earning an hourly wage.  They work weekends and holidays during the academic year, adding weekdays during the summer. Students in the upper rung of our ladder are called Museum Fellows and effectively administer the program, which includes the supervision and training of students in the other rungs of our career ladder.  Note: Participation in SciCORPS is not required.


Older students who have performed satisfactorily within EVOLUTIONS and/or SciCORPS become eligible for Evolutions Lab Internships, which are administered through the EVOLUTIONS After School Program. Through this program, high achieving EVO students are eligible for internships in the science laboratories of Yale professors. Internships typically run during an academic year (2-6 hours/week) or over the summer (~20 hours/week for 4-6 weeks).  Students earn a stipend, which is paid at the end of the experience.  Stipend amounts are tied to performance measures including development of an internship presentation, which they give during a culminating luncheon for family and internship mentors.  Students receive basic job and safety training prior to the start of their internships.