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The EVOLUTIONS After School Program (EVOking Learning & Understanding Through Investigations Of the Natural Sciences) engages New Haven and West Haven high school students in informal and formal learning opportunities designed to address four key goals:

1. Promote Scientific Literacy- Through classroom experiences, field trips, projects, internships and work experiences, participants are encouraged to develop their scientific knowledge, learn about current research in STEM fields, understand the science behind Peabody Museum exhibits and collections, and develop science communication skills.

2. College Preparation- Participants and their families will develop an understanding of post-secondary academics, and identify valuable resources and tools that will help them refine and achieve their academic goals.  Participants receive college counseling, attend financial aid and college planning workshops, and visit local and regional college campuses.

3. Career Awareness- Using a career-centered approach, participants will be introduced to career options within the sciences, learn about the pathways into those careers, develop basic resume, interview and workplace skills, and participate in real-world work experiences through lab internships and jobs in the Sci.CORPS career ladder program.

4. Transferable Skill Development- Transferable skills are broadly applicable skills facilitating academic achievement and the eventual transition into the workforce. Through EVOLUTIONS, participants develop communication skills, teamwork and leadership ability, scientific thinking skills, and the confidence and creativity to use these skills in new situations. 


EVOLUTIONS projects/activities include:

  • Weekly classroom science activities;
  • Monthly special events and workshops;
  • Annual 4-day college visitation trip;
  • Student-produced museum exhibitions, which are displayed in the Peabody Museum for one year
  • Paid work experience as science interpreters;
  • Paid internships in Yale science laboratories;
  • Podcasts, blogs, and videos of current science;
  • Field trips to Peabody Museum collections, Yale labs/departments and other science museums



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Evolutions? 


Any 9th and 10th graders who attend New Haven or West Haven Public Schools can apply to Evolutions. We encourage applications from students who are interested in science, and those who will be first in their families to attend college. 


How can I sign my child up for Evolutions? 


The Evolutions program recieves many more applications each year than we can accept, so the application process is competitive. Students can apply for Evolutions at the start of each school year. Applications are available online from August 15-September 15. Paper applications can be downloaded and mailed to the Peabody, or can be picked up and dropped off at the front desk of the museum.While parents may assist in the application procss, we ask that each student complete his/her own application.  


How do students get to the Peabody Museum?


The Peabody Museum is located at 170 Whitney Avenue in New Haven, Connecticut (~3 blocks north of the New Haven Green). School bussing to (not from) the Peabody Museum is provided for West Haven students attending on specific days, while city bus passes are provided for New Haven Public School students. A special “thank you” to the New Haven and West Haven Public Schools for providing this benefit. Most students are picked up by parents or guardians at 5:30pm at the corner of Whitney Ave & Sachem Street. 


When do students get paid jobs? 


After one year of successful participation, students are eligible to apply for a position as a museum apprentice. Students who are accepted to this position volunteer at least 75 hours of time, and complete a series of assessments, before being promoted to a paid position the museum. Sci.CORPS interpreters typically work 10-20 hours per month in the museum.


How does school credit work?


Students receive 1/2 credit for every 60 classroom contact hours. This is pass/fail credit, and can be earned each year.  


Program Contact Information


EVO Program Director: 
    Andrea Motto, After School Program Director
    Office 203.432.6577
    Fax 203.432.2026


Operations Coordinater: 
    Office 203.436.4862
    Fax 203.432.2026

EVO Mailing Address:
    EVOLUTIONS After School Program
    Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
    P.O. Box 208118
    New Haven, CT 06520-8118 USA