Science: It’s a Girl it?
Written by: Valeria Rodriguez and Mairead Brennan

So, recently the EVO Wednesday class watched an ad campaign to promote female pursuit of the sciences from the European Commission, which turned to be a controversial video. It initially started off with a male looking over a microscope and staring (very intently) at the gorgeous, airbrushed girls who were dressed in short dresses and sky high heels with short snippets of make-up and science equipment (such as beakers and molecules), with one of the three pretending to solve a scientific equation on a clear board. This ad was full of colors and feminine products; it closed with the three models (let’s be real, they were models) wearing science goggles and a spokesperson saying, “Science: It’s a girl thing”.


After a discussion by the class, we all seemed to agree that this ad failed to campaign the promotion of women going into the field of science in a successful manner. Rather, it reinforced the stereotypes long fought against by women, namely the short dress, make-up and ‘pinkness’ of the ad.  It seemed that the originally intent of the ad was to inspire young girls to pursue careers in science, but this message was smothered by the unrealistic portrayal of all female scientists. It also seemed to almost show young girls and women that looks are more important than a career in science, which is what the ad was supposed to inspire into the minds of their viewers.


To get your opinion on this video, you should watch it for yourself: