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The EVOLUTIONS After School Program — or “EVO” — is a FREE after school program for New Haven and West Haven high school students who:


  • Like science
  • Are serious about school, and
  • Would like help preparing for college.

It’s a place where you’ll explore what you want to do with your life, learn how to make yourself competitive for college and make a bunch of great friends from other schools — students like you! Best of all, you can earn community service hours and academic credit at your school for participating! Students join in 9th or 10th grade and stay through senior year. You'll meet one afternoon per week during the school year, with opportunities for activities on weekends and during summers.  


 Here’s some of the stuff you’ll get to do:


  • College Visitation Trips!
  • Hands-on workshops!
  • Group Project Displayed in the Peabody Museum! 
  • Behind-the-scenes science tours! 
  • Tutoring and SAT practice!
  • + Many other opportunities!

Still skeptical? Listen to what EVO students have to say:


"Going to the EVOlutions program every Wednesday at The Peabody Museum is the highlight of my week."


" Without EVO I never would have landed an internship where I could learn about genetics in a lab setting, and it was that experience that inspired me to study biology in college."


" I thank EVO for shaping me into the confident person that I am today! EVO is truly an amazing program!!"


"EVO was one of the best experiences of my life! It was definitely the best part of high school!"


Applications are currently being accepted for the 2014-15 School Year. The application deadline is September 15, 2014.

To complete your online application go to tinyurl.com/evo-app-14



Program Contact Information


After School Program Director:

 Andrea Motto

Office (203) 432-6577
Fax (203) 432-2026
Email: peabody.afterschool@yale.edu


EVO Operations Coordinator:

Office (203) 436-4862

Fax (203) 432-2026

Email: peabody.afterschool@yale.edu

EVO Mailing Address:

EVOLUTIONS After School Program
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
P.O. Box 208118
New Haven, CT 06520-8118 USA