Dinosaurs and More

Grade Level: Grades K through 6
Science Content Standards: K.2, K.3; 1.2, 1.3; 2.2, 2.3
Language Arts Content Standards: 1.2

Description: An introduction to the Yale Peabody Museum and its outstanding collection of prehistoric animals, this program focuses on the Great Hall, which has 9 dinosaur skeletons on display, including a 65-foot Brontosaurus. Students are given the opportunity to handle actual fossils and casts to help them develop a better understanding of fossilization.


The program also includes early birds, marine reptiles, flying reptiles, and an introduction to our Pulitzer award-winning mural by Rudolph Zallinger, The Age of Reptiles.

Photo/Image (top): The Peabody’s Great Hall, which opened to the public on December 26, 1925, was specifically designed to hold the large dinosaur specimens collected and mainly named by O. C. Marsh.