Connecticut Wildlife and Ecology
Coastal Region Diorama
The 35-foot-long Coastal Region diorama is the largest in the Hall of Southern New England Dioramas. Background painted by J. Perry Wilson; foreground by Ralph C. Morrill.


Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School
Science Content Standard: K.2, K.3; 1.2, 1.3; 2.2, 2.3; 3.2; 4.2; 5.2; 6.2; 8.2
Language Arts Content Standards: 1.2

Description: Aided by the splendid Yale Peabody Museum dioramas of local habitats, including the shore, upland woods, and a freshwater pond, students will view Connecticut up close. Here they can see the interdependency of plants and animals that live in various habitats throughout the state. Through student observation, basic ideas about animal adaptations, such as camouflage and food gathering, can be explored. Special attention will be given to the biodiversity around us and the stewardship it requires if it is to be maintained. This program, which includes hands-on materials, is great fun for students of all ages and gives them a sense of place about where they live.


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