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Does your child like dinosaurs? How about outer space? Do they want to learn more about Ancient Egypt? Or do they love hunting for rocks and minerals?


Choose from one of our themed parties below.  We’ll match fun, age-appropriate activities to your child’s favorite theme.  Click on a theme below to see what kinds of activities can be included in each party: 


***Don’t forget about the Deluxe Options you can add to any party! We can even provide your goody bags.


Junior Paleontologist

Did you ever wonder how fossils are found, and how they are put together in museum displays? Would you like to build a dinosaur and touch real fossils, even a skull? If your child is a dinosaur fan, then this party is for you! Activities included in this party are described below: 

  • As guests arrive, they will find a coloring activity and stickers to create their own prehistoric dinosaur scene.

  • Check out the hands-on Natural History Cart. Get a sneak peek at (and even touch!) some of the unseen specimens of the Peabody Museum’s collections. Some things you might see are fossils, rocks and minerals, and more!

  • Go on an excavation like a real paleontologist. A sand dig comes next where kids will unearth fossilized shark’s teeth (from millions of years ago!) and their own small dinosaur to take home. (*Make it deluxe!*)

  • Out into the museum! Go on a scavenger hunt in the Great Hall of Dinosaurs (all new!). See skeletons of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. Were they carnivores or herbivores? Find out how to tell what these ancient creatures ate just by looking at their bones! (*Make it deluxe!*)


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Ancient Egypt

What was it like to be a young person in Ancient Egypt? What did Egyptians wear and what rocks and minerals were special for them? Learn the answers to these questions and many during this party. Activities for this party are described below: 

  • Learn how to write your name in hieroglyphics, and inscribe it on real papyrus paper!

  • In Ancient Egypt, both men and women wore jewelry to adorn themselves, symbolize wealth, and protect themselves from evil. See and touch the types of rocks and minerals similar to those used by Ancient Egyptians over 3,000 years ago.

  • Amulets were small objects worn by Ancient Egyptians to bring good luck, strength, and protection. Create your own amulet and adorn it with sparkly gems and shells.

  • How much do you know about Ancient Egypt? What’s a sarcophagus, or a canopic jar? How was a mummy prepared for burial? Find out on this scavenger hunt through the “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt” exhibit.


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Rocks & Minerals

What kinds of rocks and minerals can you find here in Connecticut?  What are geodes, and what’s inside when you crack them? If you child is curious about geology, then this is the party for you! Activities in this party include:


  • Design your own royal crown as guests arrive. It’s better than any traditional party hat!

  • Learn about various rocks and minerals during a hands-on presentation. How does a geode form? What does petrified wood look like? Why are opals every color of the rainbow?

  • Next, a very special treasure hunt-dig for your own collection of gems. (*Make it deluxe!*) 

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Explore the wonders of our planet and solar system.  See a real meteorite, discover the components of an astronaut’s space suit, and touch some stunning geologic specimens. Astronomy geeks, this is your party! Activities for this space-themed party include:


  • We'll start with a Solar System coloring activity.  Find the answer to the question “Where did Pluto go?”

  • Touch some neat rock and mineral samples, and learn about the rocky versus gaseous planets.

  • Children age 6 and younger will next explore: Why does the moon have so many holes in it?  Make craters in a moon of your own, and decorate your night sky scene with lots of starry constellations.

  • Children age 7 and older will create a star viewer of their own!  Will your viewer display Canis Major the Great Dog, or maybe Leo the Lion?  Shine a light through your viewer to show everyone your favorite constellation!

  • Have you ever seen a meteorite that fell from the sky? Do you want to find out what types of minerals are used to help protect astronauts, and what others can be found in space? Answer these questions on a tour of the space and mineral exhibits out in the Peabody!


***Suggested deluxe add-on items: