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Is your child excited by dinosaurs?  Or do they enjoy watching wildlife?  Maybe their interests lie amidst the pyramids in Ancient Egypt?  Or do they prefer searching for rocks and minerals?


Choose from one of our themed parties below.  We’ll match fun, age-appropriate activities to your child’s favorite theme.  Click on a theme below to see what activities can be included in each party:



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Dinosaur Discovery 

If your child is crazy for dinosaurs, then this party is for you!  Do you wonder how fossils are found, and how ancient skeletons are put back together in museum displays? Would you like to touch real fossils?

 Activities in this party include:

  • Excavate like a real paleontologist!  In our sand dig, uncover fossilized shark’s teeth (from millions of years ago!) and small dinosaur replicas to take home. (*Make it deluxe!*)

  • Adventure into the Museum and explore fossil specimens and casts at the hands-on Natural History Cart.  Get a sneak peek at (and even touch!) specimens from the Peabody Museum’s collections.

  • Complete your journey through time with an all new scavenger hunt in the Great Hall of Dinosaurs.  Discover fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs and other creatures from the ancient seas and skies.  Learn to tell the meat eaters (carnivores) from the plant eaters (herbivores) just by looking at their bones! (*Make it deluxe!*) 

  • Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Party Lab

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Minerals Rock!

Minerals form in many shapes, sizes and colors - that's what makes them so cool!  Do you know the state mineral of Connecticut and its many uses?  What kind of bedrock is under your house?  What is inside a geode?  Where does sand come from?  If your child loves geology, then this is the party for you! Activities in this party include:

  • Get hands-on and explore for rocks and minerals in a very special treasure dig. (*Make it deluxe!*)
  • Move into the Museum to the Hall of Minerals, Earth and Space where you can see and touch rock and mineral specimens from the Museum's collections.  Learn how a geode forms and what petrified wood looks like.
  • Explore our newest collection of eye-popping minerals in David Friend Hall and all the exhibits in the Hall of Minerals, Earth and Space guided by our special birthday scavenger hunt.
  • Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Party Lab.

***Suggested deluxe add-on items: 


Wildlife Safari

Whether feathered or furry, slimy or scaly, the wildlife around us can be fascinating and fun.  Is polar bear fur really white?  Where do groundhogs go in the winter?  Which animal can steal a nest away from a bald eagle?  If your child is a budding naturalist, then this is the party for you! Activities in this party include:

  • Learn about animals and their tracks
  • Investigate the largest living things on Earth using tree cookies which you can decorate and take home.
  • Your safari will go "on the road" visiting the Wildlife Safari cart to discover cool facts about animals with museum specimens and hands-on objects.  What can you learn from teeth?  How do owls hear differently than we do?
  • Finally you can explore wildlife from all of North America using the diorama exhibits and our new birthday scavenger hunt.  You''ll become a wildlife expert as you search for each clue! 
  • Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Party Lab.

***Suggested deluxe add-on items: 


Ancient Egyptian Adventure

Ancient Egyptian civilization continues to be fascinating, even thousands of years later.  We find pyramids, mummies and pharoahs in our movies, our books and in our museums!  What was it like to be a young person in Ancient Egypt? Which objects held special meaning for them? This exciting party will answer these questions and many more. Activities for this party include: 

  • Learn how to write your name in hieroglyphics, and inscribe it on real papyrus!

  • Create your own amulet and adorn it with sparkling gems and shells.  Amulets were small objects worn by both men and women in Ancient Egyptians to bring good luck, strength, and protection.

  • Venture out into the museum to learn more about the ancient Egyptians from museum specimens and hands-on objects.

  • End with a special birthday party scavenger hunt that will challenge you to find clues throughout the “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt” exhibit.

  • Finish your celebration with refreshments back in the Party Lab.   

***Suggested deluxe add-on items: