Birthday Parties FAQ

Where do the parties take place?

Most parties are based in our third floor auditorium, but when it is not available another room may be substituted.


What are some of the guided activities that take place out in the museum’s exhibit halls?

We offer both written and pictorial scavenger hunts (depending on age) in the Great Hall of Dinosaurs, the Hall of Minerals, Earth, and Space, or Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. The children follow clues and answer questions about what they see. There are often staffed teaching carts in several exhibit areas which may be explored.


What time should we arrive?

You may arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the party. Guests should arrive 5 minutes early – parties must begin on time in order to allow for all scheduled activities. You may stay for 15 minutes after the end of the party for staff-assisted clean up.


What is the schedule of activities?

Activities begin in the party room, and then the children and party leaders go out into the chosen area/areas of the museum for the scavenger hunt and exploration. Our staff will lead the children in planned activities for one hour, and then assist with serving refreshments for the final half hour.


What about decorations?

We provide a large Happy Birthday banner. You may bring any table decorations you like, and crepe paper may be attached to railings around the room. Helium balloons are NOT permitted.


What should we bring?

We provide all paper goods for each child for cake or cupcakes. You are responsible for the cake, candles, and any serving utensils. We recommend cupcakes to make everything easier! You may bring other snacks for your guests as well.


Is there anything I should not bring?

Helium balloons and noisemakers are not permitted. We request that no popcorn be brought in as it is difficult to clean from our rugs.


Can we have pizza delivered to the Museum?

Yes! Several local pizzerias deliver to the Museum. Please ask if you would like more information. We recommend that you have the pizza delivered forty five minutes before the end of your party to be sure there is adequate time.  Please request that paper plates and napkins be delivered with the pizza.


What if I have additional guests?

Fifteen children are included in the base price; additional children may be added for $10.00 per child (maximum 25). Adults and children age 2 and under accompanying invited party guests will not be charged.  All children age 3 and above attending the party will be considered participants and count toward the total.


When do I need to provide a final headcount?

Final headcount and payment of balance for the total number of children is due by the Friday prior to the party.