Northern Two-lined Salamander
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Northern Two-lined Salamander
Northern Two-lined Salamander
Northern Two-lined Salamander eggs
Communal nest of two-lined salamanders in New London, Connecticut. Eggs were laid under a rock in a stream

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Northern Two-lined Salamander - Eurycea bislineata


A small (4 inches; 10 cm), slender salamander with a long tail. The body coloration is usually yellow or yellowish orange with 2 distinct dark lateral lines extending from eye to tail. The mid-dorsal region is often peppered with small black dots. Color variants occur in nature and include specimens that are more yellow than normal or have reduced black lines.



Eggs are attached to the underside of rocks on stream bottoms. Larvae may take several years to complete metamorphosis.


Aquatic larvae are dark brown with a series of light dots extending down the side beginning just behind the shoulder. The back may also have lighter coloration than the sides. The tail fin is reddish tan with black peppering. A dark line extends from the eye to the gills, which are well developed.



Streams and brooks with rocky bottoms may be preferred. However, the species can be found in a variety of habitats. The author has found adults under flat stones near swampy habitat without running water, and in river flood plains (both in Ohio). Running water does not seem to be a necessity.



A variety of invertebrates.



A wide range throughout the eastern United States. The distribution of this species in Connecticut is quite extensive, with many known populations in every county. Only the Red-backed Salamander has a wider distribution in the state.



Not protected by Connecticut.


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Text by Gregory J. Watkins-Colwell.
Photographs © Twan Leenders. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Animals featured in photographs on this page are from Connecticut.