Northern Dusky Salamander
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Northern Dusky Salamander - Desmognathus fuscus


This is a medium-sized salamander among those found in Connecticut. It reaches an adult size of 3 to 5 inches (7.6 to 12.7 cm). Dorsal coloration of adults is usually brown or tan with darker brown markings usually forming a stripe down the middle of the back. Most diagnostic is the dark line extending from the eye to the corner of the mouth. The head is somewhat flattened and rounded with the jaws appearing to be muscular. The tail is “teardrop-shaped” in cross section, with a dorsal fin. The hind legs are more muscular than the front legs enabling this species to jump well, which it will do in attempts to escape.



Eggs are laid in clusters beneath rocks near water in middle to late summer. The larvae look essentially like the adults, although the pattern may not develop immediately. Larval development occurs in streams and some individuals will remain in larval form for many years. Paedomorphic individuals are known.



Usually found in or near clear streams or shallow rivers. It can be found under flat rocks at the edges of such streams. Larvae are often in deeper water.



Eats a wide variety of invertebrates.



South New Brunswick and Quebec southwest to Louisiana (Behler and King 1979). In Connecticut it is found in every county, but it is not known from every town (Klemens 1993).



Has no protected status in Connecticut.



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Text by Gregory J. Watkins-Colwell.
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