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Station Data from US Fish Commission and US Coast Survey


As part of an NSF sponsored grant, the Invertebrate Zoology Division has digitized the historical station data for the US Fish Commission and US Coast Survey. The data cover 661 stations from the USCS and 2223 stations from the USFC surveys. You may download (in CSV format suitable for Excel) the full dataset of stations (544 kB) and/or the full dataset of specimens (1.13 mB) from the corresponding stations, or download specific station information below from each of the USFC/USCS Steamers. The files accessible on this page will be updated periodically (usuaully quarterly) as new cataloguing projects continue in the Division.


AlbatrossUSFC Steamer Albatross

Albatross stations

Albatross specimens



BacheUSCS Steamer Bache

Bache stations


Bache specimens



BibbUSCS Steamer Bibb

Bibb stations


Bibb specimens



BlakeUSCS Steamer Blake

Blake stations


Blake specimens



BluelightUSFC Steamer Bluelight

Bluelight stations


Bluelight specimens



Fish HawkUSFC Steamer Fish Hawk

Fish Hawk stations


Fish Hawk specimens



HasslerUSCS Steamer Hassler

Hassler stations


Hassler specimens



LookoutUSFC Steamer Lookout

Lookout stations


Lookout specimens



SpeedwellUSFC Steamer Speedwell

Speedwell stations


Speeedwell specimens