Holdings in Recreational Scientific Instruments
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Holdings in theYale Peabody Museum’s Division of Historical Scientific Instruments of scientific instruments used recreationally include the following:


Optical Toys

  • Anamorphic drawings, reflecting cylinders and cones.
  • A lantern slide projector and glass slides.
  • A stereo viewer and cards.
  • A zoetrope and cards.
  • A zoetrope motion picture projector and slides.
  • Motion picture cameras.

Electrostatic Toys

  • Thunderhouses of various sizes.
  • An electrostatic hunter with gun.

Musical Items

  • Phonographs from various periods, used by the Yale University Historical Sound Recording Collection.
  • A large collection of tuning forks.
  • Musical slide rules.

The Yale Peabody Museum’s collections are available to legitimate researchers for scholarly use. Loans are issued to responsible individuals at established institutions. Loans and access to the collection can be arranged through the Collections Manager.

Anamorphic Drawings, Reflecting Cylinders and Cones


YPM catalog nos. 5.885, 5.887, 5.886.

Lantern Slide Projector and Glass Slides


YPM catalog no. 1.291

Stereo Viewer


Length: 12 inch (30.5 centimeters)
Height: 5 inch (12.5 centimeters)
Made of wood and cardboard
with porcelain buttons around the viewer.
Maker and date unknown
YPM catalog no. 30.11.

Zoetrope Motion Picture Projector and Slides


YPM catalog no. 1.376



YPM catalog no. 1.442

Electrostatic Hunter with Gun


YPM catalog no. 1.441.

Mail-A-Voice Machine


Model BK 503, made by the
Brush Development Co., Cleveland, Ohio
Length: 11.5 inches (29 centimeters)
Width: 10 inches (25 centimeters)
Height with cover closed:
5.5 inches (14 centimeters)
YPM catalog no. 19.23.