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The Lepidoptera Listserver, or LEPS-L, is a general purpose electronic forum for those with an interest in butterflies and moths.

1. Purpose and History
2. Owner
3. Software
4. Joining/Subscribing
5. Leaving/Unsubscribing
6. Posting Messages
7. Managing and Controlling Your Messages7.1. Mail Postpone Command
7.2. Mail Digest Command
7.3. Review Command
7.4. Set Command8. Searchable Archives
9. Retention of the LEPS-L faq
10. Authors and Acknowledgements

1. Purpose & History

LEPS-L and S.B.E.L. are electronic forums for those with an interest in butterflies and moths. Membership in LEPS-L and S.B.E.L. is open to anyone with e-mail and/or Usenet News service. The charter for S.B.E.L. is also available online.

The LEPS-L Discussion List was started in November 1994, and is currently supported via Listproc on a Unix computer located at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. LEPS-L is the successor to leps@kaiwan.com, which was phased out in December 1994. LEPS-L ran as a VM/CMS Listserv list through April 1997, when it was converted to Listproc. The S.B.E.L. newsgroup was launched in November 1994. LEPS-L and S.B.E.L. were linked into a unified forum in January 1995, so that submissions sent to the former will automatically cross post to the latter, and vice versa. Please remember this when posting to either — you need only send email to one, not both. The volume of messages on LEPS-L and S.B.E.L. varies, but at present generally runs between 5 to 25 per day.

Contributors to LEPS-L/SBEL are asked to please refrain from posting messages regarding overtly commercial transactions in Lepidoptera that otherwise do not contribute to broader discussions. Since LEPS-L/SBEL is one of the largest and most widely known electronic forums for Lepidoptera discussions, it is inevitable that occasional overtly commercial postings will occur, and so subscribers to LEPS-L/SBEL should exercise restrained, sound judgment in such instances. The Entomological Livestock Group is one such forum that carries commercial trade notices.

In addition, because some subscribers to LEPS-L pay network access fees based upon the amount of material they receive, LEPS-L/SBEL subscribers should always write succinctly and generally refrain from sending attachments (e.g., images) to the list along with messages. Private email arrangements should be made “off list” for such purposes.

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2. Owner

Larry Gall is the present “owner” (manager) of the LEPS-L discussion list. Please direct any questions you have about LEPS-L to lawrence.gall@yale.edu.

3. Software

LEPS-L is an electronic discussion list, based on a Unix computer computer, which is connected to the Internet. The Listproc software used to support LEPS-L is CREN’s Listproc.

WARNING: There are several different discussion list software programs being used on the Internet. The specific commands and functions can vary with each of these different software programs. THIS CAN BE VERY CONFUSING TO PEOPLE. Some of the most frequently used Listproc software commands are presented in this document.

If you are unacquainted with the Listproc commands and software, you can request additional information by sending an e-mail message to:


and in the body of an e-mail message enter:


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4. Joining/Subscribing

There are several methods of joining or subscribing to LEPS-L depending on which computer systems or network you are using. There is no cost for subscribing to the LEPS-L discussion list. HOWEVER, THERE MAY BE LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDER CHARGES OR CONNECT CHANGES for the electronic mail messages that you will receive. Check with your service provider or local computer support person, if this is an issue.

To subscribe to LEPS-L send the following in the body of an e-mail message addressed to listproc@lists.yale.edu


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5. Leaving/Unsubscribing

If you don’t want to remain subscribed to the LEPS-L list, send the following in the body of an e-mail message to listproc@lists.yale.edu


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6. Posting Messages

There are two addresses used in relation to the LEPS-L discussing list. Both are located on the host lists.yale.edu. Administrative messages are sent to Listproc. Postings to the discussion list, which are then broadcast to the full membership, are sent to LEPS-L.

Please DO NOT send administrative messages to the LEPS-L address. Specific address formatting varies slightly from different networks.

After you receive a subscription confirmation, send your postings to the list using this address:


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7. Managing and Controlling Your Messages

7.1. MAIL POSTPONE Command
If you’re interested in temporarily holding your LEPS-L (e.g., you”re on vacation and unable to read your e-mail for a period of time), send the following in the body of an e-mail message to listproc@lists.yale.edu


When you want to resume mail delivery, send the following message to the administrative address of listproc@lists.yale.edu


Note that mail is held for you for the duration of the time you have set your options to MAIL POSTPONE. This differs from the behavior of the NOMAIL option of the former Listserv software, where you would temporarily not get postings and they weren’t being held.

7.2. MAIL DIGEST Command
With the DIGEST option ON the Listproc software will send one large message per day from the LEPS-L discussion list. This single message contains a table of contents and the full text of all the day's messages. The DIGEST is distributed shortly after midnight local time. If you would like to switch to the DIGEST option send the following in the body of an e-mail message to listproc@lists.yale.edu


7.3. REVIEW Command
To see the list of subscribers (including yourself, to see what Listproc currently believes your email address is), send the following in the body of an e-mail message to listproc@lists.yale.edu


7.4. SET Command
If you want to find out your current LEPS-L subscription settings, send the following in the body of an e-mail message to listproc@lists.yale.edu


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8. Searchable Archives

The archived correspondence of LEPS-L and S.B.E.L. can be found and queried at several places on the Internet, including the following:


The MHONARC listings from Yale currently only contain postings from 2000 onward, and until earlier correspondence can be incoroprated there, yearly .ZIP format files are available for 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Monthly log files are also available directly from Listproc. Because of disk space quotas on the Unix computer at Yale that holds these monthly LEPS-L files, the Listproc logs are typically retained only for THE THREE MOST CURRENT MONTHS.

To get a listing of currently available Listproc log files, send a one line email message to listproc@lists.yale.edu


and e.g., to retrieve a particular Listproc log file:

GET LEPS-L logyymm

where yy is the last two digits of the year, and mm is the month. These Listproc raw log files are large (often more than 3 to 5 megabytes apiece). Some e-mail systems cannot handle very large files, and you may not want such a large file in your mailbox. The Listproc User’s Manual describes a rich array of other available database functions that allow you to query the LEPS-L Listproc log files for specific items. The source for the Listproc User’s Manual can be found at CREN’s site, http://www.cren.net.

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9. Retention of the LEPS-L FAQ

Print or save or bookmark this information for future reference.

10. Authors and Acknowledgements

This document is a clone of the FAQ for the Museum Discussion List (MUSEUM-L), with amendments to reflect LEPS-L and S.B.E.L. usage. The original MUSEUM-L document was written by John Chadwick and David Bridge. Larry Gall made the amendments herein, and he gratefully acknowledges the help of Christopher Majka in preparing this and related documentation. Please send any corrections or suggestions for future additions or improvements to the LEPS-L FAQ to the listowner (see above).