The George Gaylord Simpson Prize Recipients
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Past Recipients of the George Gaylord Simpson Prize at the Yale Peabody Museum

An Annual Award for a Paper on Evolution and the Fossil Record

1984Karl J. Niklas
1985Christine Janis
1992Simon Conway Morris 
1998Daniel Brinkman
2000Walter Joyce
2001Julia Clarke
2002Dana Royer 
2003James B. Rossie
Krister T. Smith
2004Takanobu Tsuihiji 
2005Charles D. Bell 
2006Julia A. Clarke
Ian Miller
2007Walton Green
Brian Moore
Erik A. Sperling
2008Jakob Vinther
2009Faysal Bibi

Eric Sperling

Jakob Vinther 

Daniel Peppe

April Dinwiddie


Una Farrell


Daniel Field

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