George Gaylord Simpson Prize - 2006
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Julia A. Clarke
Julia A. Clarke
Ian M. Miller
Ian M. Miller

Recipients of the George Gaylord Simpson Prize at the Yale Peabody Museum

An Annual Award for a Paper on Evolution and the Fossil Record

2006 Co-Recipients


Julia A. Clarke

Julia A. Clarke, Claudia P. Tambussi, Jorge I. Noriega, Gregory M. Erickson and Richard A. Ketcham. 2005 Jan 20. Definitive fossil evidence for the extant avian radiation in the Cretaceous. Nature 433:305. doi: 10.1038/nature03150

Julia Clarke is an assistant professor in the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at North Carolina State University, a curator of paleontology at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and a research associate in paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History. Her research interests include the timing and pattern of the origin of the lineages of extant birds and, more broadly, the systematics of Dinosauria and the evolution of flight. She serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Anatomy and is actively engaged in field work in Mongolia, China and Peru.




Ian M. Miller

Ian M. Miller, Mark T. Brandon and Leo J. Hickey. 2006 May 15. Using leaf margin analysis to estimate the mid-Cretaceous (Albian) paleolatitude of the Baja BC block. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 245(1–2):95–114. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2006.02.022.

Ian Miller first discovered geology in rural Washington while scavenging mine tailings for fool’s gold and pulling clams out of road cuts. He is currently working  on his thesis, a treatise on paleobotanical proxies for paleolatitude, and is now a postdoctoral fellow at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. His principle interests are in paleobotanical proxies for, and statistical analysis of, paleoclimate, paleolatitude and paleoelevation; the evolutionary history and ecological radiation of Cretaceous angiosperms; taxonomic analysis and nomenclature of whole Late Mesozoic floras; and tectonic evolution of the Western Cordillera of North America.




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