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Female Bison update

June 6, 2018

I was looking at the female Bison's foreleg and looking at the painted Bison in the background. The taxidermied foreleg is bare of the long dark fur that the male has and that ALL the other painted Bison have. (I assume both male and female are painted in the background). I came back to my computer and pulled up a reproduction of our Bison from the 1920's.

Female Bison-bare foreleg (note Bison's forelegs painted in the background)

Lucas Story of Mus Grps 1925 XXX copy

This is our same female Bison with the same calf. It looks like there was more fur on the foreleg.


Female Bison-Enough evidence for me!

This will be nice to add fur to this area because there is a large crack on the foreleg of the female that is not easy to hide. Adding hair over it will make it disappear.



Taken from the following blog: Museum Model Making at Yale Peabody