Bison Diorama Restoration Project
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Re-coloring Started Today!

May 30, 2018

I spent the last couple of days getting dyes into a solution of alcohol to be ready to airbrush new color onto the Bison mounts. I will use the Burke Museum skins as color reference as well as the Bison Francis Lee Jaques painted in the background. Actually, the painted Bison take priority over the skins as color references. The mounted Bison have to fit in with the other Bison painted in the diorama. And Jaques painted a number of variations, so there is a lot of leeway for the re-coloration.

I include a couple of photos of the day's work below:

2016-05-29 02.37.54

The female's head is now much darker

2016-05-29 02.48.17

The juvenile also got some color.

The fur in some areas is so dense that I use a hairbrush to lift layers of the fur to get color down into the base of the fur. I do this over and over to get a full, rich color. Other parts of the mounts are almost devoid of hair. I will be painting the skin in that case to get the right colors. I intend to work slowly on this and not rush. I will add color gradually and assess the look as I go. I will wait to re-color the male until I get the female and juvenile where I want them to be. The un-colored male will give me a landmark to judge how much I am changing the color in the female.



Taken from the following blog: Museum Model Making at Yale Peabody