Upgrading the Collections
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New Shelving Units
Carriages without shelving
Staff and Contractors testing the rolling mechanism

Working in a natural history museum (or any museum), there are a number of truths that you learn early on. Not all collections spaces are made equal and the collections will ALWAYS grow. As stewards of these scientific objects and specimens, our goal is to improve the way in which we house our collections. Not only are we always looking for new materials for archival containers but we also look at the big picture, the rooms in which they are kept.


Currently, the Yale Peabody Museum is in the middle of an upgrade for our fluid collections that are in the Yale West Campus Collections Storage Center. In this case we are moving into a newly refurbished section of the building that has allowed us to put in rolled compact storage. Instead of having stationary shelving units, the new fluid room has shelving on wheels, making it possible to get more collections into a smaller space.


Here are a few in-process pictures of the installation of the new rolled storage system. As awesome as this installation is, the amount of change before this, thanks to hard work of the contractors on the space is even more amazing. Once the room is completed, I’ll post more pictures including the new work room and with some collections in place. It’s exciting times!


Lynn Jones is a museum assistant who has been with the Peabody Museum for over 10 years. She works at the Yale West Campus Collections Study Center with a number of different Peabody divisions.

Taken from the following blog: Upgrading the Collections